So Who are we?
Power of Intention Breakthrough Coaching Inc.
Power of Intention -  Breakthrough Coaching  was founded in 2005 by Amanda
Dennison  and partnered with her mother Trish Dennison and the MINDWORKS
foundation. as well as are
our on-line connections to the world, making it even easier to access our
amazing Workshops, Products, AT home support and More!!

Power of Intention -  Breakthrough Coaching  principles and techniques have
been an exciting addition to our existing Seminars and can be available for you

Breakthrough Coaching brings concise tools that can be used to master
significant challenges and attain virtually any goal. These beneficial tools can be
applied in business, relationships, athletics, improved health and more.

If you or your company are ready to go to the ‘Next Level’ and are interested in
incorporating these accelerated, life changing events to move yourself , your
participants or your company to a new dynamic level of success, please contact
us today, we are excited to start working with you.
Amanda's Story.
Who is Mindworks?
Mindworks was  originally founded as MINDWORKS Inner Connections - Outer
Expressions in 1991 in Grande Prairie AB. The founder Trish Dennison is an award
winning international speaker, a dynamic trainer and has extensively studied the
Mind Body connection for over 22 years now.  Trish holds degrees as a Master
Hypnotist, A Clinical Hypnotherapy's, a
Reiki Master- Teacher and a Family& Child
Counselor. Further studies include Accelerated Learning Techniques, Neuron
linguistic Programming, Silva Mind Control, Creative Visualization, Kinesiology,
Trigger Point Therapy , Trauma Release & much more.
Trish has a gift of combining and simplifying these techniques  to fit  into our
everyday lives.

Growing up so consciously aware, at 23
Amanda brings a gift of eternal optimism, the
courage to live life now, her creative production abilities and more!

Amanda inspires one to own the experience and step beyond limiting beliefs.
Together Trish Dennison & Amanda have creative
Revolutionary Experiential
Programs to assist you to "Break Through to the Real You". They are a dynamic team
and they empower and inspire others to live their passion with the Courage to live
life now!
Mindworks productions
Is a series of programs created by Trish and Amanda Dennison to
educate, entertain and empower you to live your passion with the
courage to live life now!
Life changing transformational breakthrough techniques combined
with results-oriented accelerated learning techniques ensure real
long term changes for you and your life.
Health Center
-Reiki Treatments & Workshops
-Hypnotherapy Sessions
-Child & Family Counseling
-Basic Body Analysis & Consultation
-Self-Hypnosis Programs
-Quality Health Products

-Revolutionary Workshops, Seminars & Camps!
-Life changing Transformational breakthrough  &
Accelerated learning Techniques to lock it all in!
-At-Home Self Hypnosis Programs
-Stress Management, Self  Empowerment and More!
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-Reiki Teacher 18yrs
-Clinical Hypnotherapist
-Child/Family Councilor
-International Speaker
-Breakthrough Coach
-Fire Master
Trish's Story
We are, A combination of Power Of
Intention Breakthrough Coaching Inc. Created and
run by
Amanda Dennison and
Partnered With Mindworks LTD. Read More Below
-Fire Master
-Reiki Practitioner
-Breakthrough Coach
-Reiki Master/Practitioner
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